Laparoscopic / General Surgery

Laparoscopic / General Surgery

Our Experienced Doctors at Moradabad Medicity Hospital are well versed with performing complicated general and laparoscopic procedures and this hospital is a preferred choice for patient referrals.

The unit has to its credit one of the first gallstone surgery in ‘Situs Inversus’ patient in India.

The key area of focus for the center is ‘minimally’ invasive (‘ key hole’) or laparoscopic surgery. This technique being the most painless and allows for smooth operation has become the most preferred modality in the surgical management of a now growing list of diseases. Laparoscopic procedures being performed include those for gall stones, ventral hernia, umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy, ovarian tumours, liver cysts & bowel obstruction etc. Breast surgery for cancer and benign tumour; thyroid & endocrine surgery; varicose vein surgery & trauma surgery adds to the list.

A special focus area of the unit is surgery in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Even routine surgeries for diseases such as hernia (inguinal, umbilical), bleeding piles, gall bladder stones are refused to these patients by most other centers. At Moradabad Medicity Hospital for Liver and Digestive Diseases these surgeries are being routinely done.

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